Code of Conduct

The Society consists of a group of breeders with common interests, who are mutually dependent upon one another, and who share responsibilities for the welfare of the breed, the Society and for fellow breeders. Therefore any action that is detrimental to the breed, the Society or fellow breeders, is regarded as unethical.


Unethical conduct may
include the following :

The intentional and malicious:

– implementation of practices that are detrimental to the breed and the Society
– obstruction of sound animal stock breeding principles
– withholding of information about parenting, health, fertility or genetic defects
– obstruction of actions and projects intended to promote the breed and the Society
– defamatory and damaging statements regarding the Society, Officials and fellow breeders

Members agree to :

1. Promote the Goals and Mission of the Society at all times, through their actions and words. To update their knowledge regarding the breed, Screening, Inspections and official documents of the Society, from time to time. All members must consider themselves an ambassador of the Society and the breed, and will at all times promote the Indigenous Veld Goat, and do honour to the Society in a constructive manner.

2. To act with integrity and honesty, and take individual responsibility to contribute to a courteous, harmonious and productive culture among our members, through a basic social code of ethics. To be respectful of other people, their opinions and their feelings. To uphold their own image, character, integrity, loyalty, and unbiased judgement, on all official occasions and at all times, either by their actions or by sentence, in an irreproachable and praiseworthy manner.

3. To never disapprove or comment adversely upon co-members, Officials’ and Inspectors’ decisions or rulings in public. Breeders will subject themselves to the ruling of the panel of Senior Inspectors.
Any conflict of opinion or dissatisfaction can rather be put forward in writing to the Board committee of the Society. Our aim is to solve any differences by listening and talking to each other respectfully.

4. To abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Society, or any other requirements that come into effect, and to the authority of the Board committee to address them, and even discharge them of membership, regarding any unacceptable behaviour on their part, after they have had the
opportunity to state their side of the matter.

5. To treat any matter, regarded by the Society as confidential, in such a manner.

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